Chadd has been spreading his knowledge and passion for music across southern California since he was a little boy. His love for music really developed after hearing Michael Jackson. That love lead him to pursue dance, specifically, Chadd learned how to break dance. He soon discovered that the term "break" in break dance symbolized when a DJ would "break" a record which was a major milestone in hip hop culture. Chadd wanted to tap into the root of hip hop music which ultimately introduced him to DJing.  In high school his parents bought him his first turn tables from the local pawn shop. He quickly became the go-to DJ, spinning for dances and house parties. After high school Chadd wanted to start creating his own music so he began playing guitar. In 2008 the art of DJing began to make a comeback so Chadd decided to venture back into the craft. Since then, Chadd has been DJing at bars, clubs, parties, and weddings. With the help of his business partner, he started a mobile DJ business called Live 2 DJ. He also produces custom music and mixes for dancers, professional choreographers, and fitness instructors. Chadd prides himself on being a universal DJ, playing anything from top 40s, old school hip hop, funk, disco, and EDM. He utilizes his turntables whenever possible by scratching and making mixing exciting. His influences are DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grand Master Flash, DJ Scratch, Mix Master Mike, and Jam Master Jay. One thing that continues to draw Chadd to DJing is the performance aspect of rocking a party and getting people dancing and enjoying the music.